Using Example Mapping to Better Serve Early Stage Startup Founders

Within the bustling corridors of Nolte, where multiple clients and projects coexist, clarity and alignment are crucial. Each project has its distinct goals, target audiences and visions, and misalignments can lead to project delays, increased costs and unsatisfied clients. Early stage startup founders who are considering building their product with a fractional development team at our agency might ask – how do we ensure that every stakeholder on the project is on the same page? Our solution for a stronger, more collaborative agency-client relationship is through a technique called Example Mapping.

What are Example Maps?

Example mapping is a technique where examples are utilized to map out requirements or user stories. By breaking down complex problems into actionable examples, both our teams and our clients can share a unified understanding of the project’s objectives.

Benefits of Using Example Maps

1. Clarify ambiguities

At Nolte, we often work with founders from various industries and backgrounds, such as InsurTech, Mental Wellness and Consumer Tech. Example maps can translate jargon-filled requirements into tangible examples, ensuring everyone, regardless of their background, has a clear understanding of the project at hand.

2. Enhance client involvement

Our clients are founders who are building businesses they are passionate about. As such, they want to be actively involved and heard in the product development process. Through Example Mapping sessions, they can actively participate, provide feedback, and see their ideas take shape in real-time.

3. Reduce iteration cycles

With multiple projects in the pipeline, our agency can’t afford extended iteration cycles. Using Example Maps to provide clear examples from the start, the feedback loop between our team and our client is shorter and the development phase becomes more streamlined.

4. Build trust

When our clients see the transparent process of Example Mapping, it fosters trust. They can witness the meticulous planning and thought that goes into their projects.

5. Strengthen stakeholder alignment

In addition to our team, we consider our clients as primary stakeholders and the founder as the Product Owner. Example Maps serve as a collaborative tool, allowing both agency teams and clients to iteratively refine and agree upon the product’s direction. This mutual understanding not only ensures a successful end product but also fosters a stronger, trust-filled agency-client relationship.

At Nolte, we constantly aim for client satisfaction and efficient product development. Example Mapping is indispensable to our process. Acting as a bridge between technical jargons and actionable insights, it ensures every stakeholder is fully aligned, and that a happy unity exists between early stage startup founders and our teams.

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