• Shifting Your Culture In 3 Steps

    Shifting Your Culture In 3 Steps

    As a leader I often need to make changes to mentalities with are deeply engrained in our company culture. I have a simple three-step process for this: 1. Team Discussion The first step is to raise awareness of the issue with your team. Make sure to explain what the issue is and why it is […]

  • WFH With Kids

    WFH With Kids

    This pandemic has created many challenges for us all, but has also provided many opportunities to see life from a different angle. Some of the challenges have been especially great for those of us with kids (I have two boys, aged 5 and 2). I discussed this with other the other parents in my team… […]

  • Performance


    When I started out leading a team, I didn’t consider that I needed to empower my team to grow. I just figured they would grow naturally, but I was wrong. It’s not that they lacked guidance, but more that the culture didn’t encourage everyone to think about growth. Growth therefore became a slow organic process […]