What happened to Moxie?

Say Goodbye to Moxie. Hello to Nolte.


Things are changing over at Moxie this fall, and we’re excited to share the news! The first change starts with our new name: Nolte.

It has been nearly ten years since I founded Moxie, and during the past two years, we have drastically changed as an organization. A new vision for the company has emerged, and that means evolving our approach accordingly.

Why Nolte?

The only way to really stand behind your work is to publicly put your name on it—and own it! I’m proud of what this company has become, which is why I decided on Nolte as our new name.

How is Nolte different from Moxie?

We’re working out of a completely new environment; we have a new and improved space for all of Nolte’s business. We’ve adopted agile methodology to produce better results and products, and we’ve added more folks to our team. All of this transition created the perfect opportunity for us to change our name and accurately portray how we have grown and matured as a company.

Here’s some of the updates we’ve made:

Our Vision

We exist to create meaningful digital products and experiences for the world’s leading businesses, brands, and innovators. The symbiotic relationship between team and client is what drives the innovation behind those products. This relationship is what drives innovation in technology and design, and allows us to create products that serve as a vehicle for our clients’ success.

New Team

Nolte now has roughly twenty team members and is consistently growing. The makeup is spread across nine countries and fourteen cities. New technology has allowed us to expand our reach, and we’re no longer limited to local resources. We’re now empowered to hire the most qualified talent across the globe.

Here’s what these changes look like and what they mean to us:

New Office

Leaving SoHo was a bit of a bittersweet experience for us; we laid our roots in SoHo but the limited space no longer suited us. On September 1st, we moved to the border of ChinaTown and Little Italy—just a ten minute walk from our previous office on Broadway and Houston. The new space allows us to be more productive and provides more room for the team and our clients. We like visitors and now have the space to host you, please drop by! You bring the cookies; we’ll make the tea.

Process & Capabilities

While creativity and process can have a hard time occupying the same space, we believe it is possible for them to co-exist. Now, every step of our process connects your business objectives and your users’ experience. We’re ensuring that every step of the process serves you—our clients—and your core objectives for your app, website or business. We’re looking forward to driving more resources toward mobile app development and have two launching this fall!





This is a thrilling time, and we’re thankful for your support throughout this process. We hope you’ll come to love Nolte as much as you loved Moxie, if not more.
We look forward to building upon the nearly ten years we have behind us. To many more iterations ahead!

With gratitude,

Jeffrey C. Nolte
Founder & CEO