Digital Product Support for Web & Mobile

Nolte Care is where your digital product and peace of mind come together.

We provide ongoing and expert support and improvements for web and mobile apps.

Nolte Care clients enjoy 99.9% uptime and up to 60% lower maintenance costs for your web or mobile product.

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Maintain Plan



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Alright, Nolteños, you’ve got my attention.
What does Nolte Care look like in action?

We’ll start with an audit. We used to charge $1,500 for it, but now it’s free. The audit will give you (and us) deep insight into your product’s current state. What can be measured can be improved! We’re very confident that you’ll see the value and sign up for Nolte Care.

What kind of people, projects, and products does Nolte Care cover?

We work with a wide range of teams.

Sales & Marketing Teams
Sales & Marketing Teams

Landing pages, Conversion Rate Optimization, Technical SEO, Security & Performance

Product Teams
Product Teams

Product Design, Agile Development, End-to-End Testing, Quality Assurance

Editorial Teams
Editorial Teams

WordPress Theme & Plugin Development, Code & UX Audits, Responsive Design

Business Professionals
Business Professionals

Solutions Architecture, 3rd Party & CRM Integrations, eCommerce, Long-Term Support


That’s the percentage of Nolte Care clients who would recommend it to a friend. That number says a lot about our commitment to our clients’ success. (As for the other 4%, we think they may have missed their morning coffee.)

What happens after I sign up?

With the results from your audit in hand, we’ll start giving your product the support it needs.
The process moves through three steps.

Evaluate & Plan

We’ll schedule a kick-off call, discuss the insights from the audit, and gather information about your business and goals. That information will enable us to create the right plan.

Onboard & Setup

During onboarding, we assemble the tools and technology needed for your plan and ongoing support. We also set our process in motion with scheduling and project management.

Maintain & Iterate

We will sync up with your team, and we will take your product through monthly iterations and improvements as we work together to improve your product and business in parallel.

Process & Methodology

We’ve been doing this a long time. We have spent 1000s of hours launching 100s of products. Nolte Care methodology has grown out of that rich, comprehensive experience.

What we have learned is that technical and creative expertise make up only half the equation.

For us to deliver consistent value requires open communication and tight collaboration with you. We will make your product and your users’ lives better together.

Still not sold?
Book a 15-minute call and grill us with hard questions.

Bring us all of your gnarly tech problems, and we’ll show you how Nolte Care can be your scalable solution. We’re really, really good at this, and chances are, your company needs your time, attention, and expertise elsewhere. We’d be delighted to take the support gorilla off your back.