Nolte + WordPress

Nolte + WordPress

Nolte was founded in 2006 and WordPress has played a consistent role in providing our clients with quantifiable results. In 2014, we committed to utilizing the WordPress platform exclusively. WP has proven to be an invaluable tool, not only to us and our clients, but the web overall. We leverage the platform for you, while making contributions to improve WordPress, which in turn helps the community.

Why choose WordPress?

To over 27% of the web, this question is likely irrelevant. For those who want to know why Nolte has chosen to use WordPress for the brunt of the applications and products we develop, we will go into more detail below. While there are books and articles going into the many reasons to adopt WordPress as a platform, we will delve into some of the reasons we use WordPress to power many of our sites.

The Community

The WordPress community is one of the best in the world and aligns to our core company values. WordPress has four major software releases per year and are only able to continue this aggressive momentum because of the community.

The Versatility


Jeffrey Nolte, Our CEO & Founder has been using WordPress since 2008, when WordPress only existed as a blogging platform. Jeffrey has also participated in the home page design of WordPress during WordCamp US contributor day. Over the past couple years, WordPress has added features like custom post types and the WP-API which make the possibilities endless in terms of what can be built. For us, no challenge is too small. We have produced blogs, applications, widgets, e-commerce sites and more with this tried and trusted platform.

Usability and Seamless Delivery

Administrative Usability and User Experience

The makers of WordPress pay close attention to design, usability and overall user experience. To us, this is a huge plus; the majority of the products we deliver need to be supported over long term and have a variety of use cases from an administrative standpoint. Delivering products that work with little learning or effort is of high importance. WordPress allows us to design, develop and customize products that just work, it’s that simple.



In this day and age it is all about devices, devices and more devices. When making technological decisions it is important to make sure you are considering the portability and accessibility of your software. WordPress has an applications for iOS and Android and also comes out of the box for responsive design, in the admin as well as theme portions of the site. This allows you access to your application anywhere you go, for now and into the future. New development in the WP community will also ensure WP is accessible for future devices, like wearables and beyond.

It’s Open & Free


Open source is on the forefront of almost every major technology company such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook to name a few. Keeping WordPress open source and free allows for ever evolving development. For us delivering a product without any extra unforeseen costs is a huge win. WordPress allows us to run our business more efficiently and in turn offer those efficiencies to our end clients.

Considerations When Choosing WordPress


Safeness > Sorriness

In this day and age of our connected world, it is important to consider security when developing any kind of software product, like a website or web / mobile application. One of the often debated parts of WordPress is its security. If prevention is not taken into account when developing your product the end result can be devastating. We use a preventative approach to support by maintaining WordPress through Nolte Care, which ensures the sites have a clean bill of health at all times.

Building With A Trusted Partner

Many “Know” WordPress, Few are WordPress Professionals

Another often debated topic in the WordPress community is the professionalism and skill level of WordPress developers, designers and others who work in the space. If you are building a product that your business relies on day in and day out, it is important you choose the right partner to help reach your goals.

Updates, Support & Maintenance

It’s software and has a life cycle just like any other digital product

We like to view each project we work on as a product, because it is. When building a product, you need to consider how the site will be maintained over the long term. Features, updates and bug fixes can all be considered maintenance of your product. It is important to make sure you have someone who is knowledgeable and committed to handling the lifecycle of your product. At Nolte we have developed an internal process that considers your short and long term goals to make sure your product is up and operational at all times. Sleep well at night, knowing your users and customers are having the experience they would expect from your product.

Is WordPress right for you?